Re-integration Quality & Empowerment Stimulation
De Methodiek
De Omgeving
Project summary

VrijBaan issues
How to improve your return to employment? Being disabled, what is your input in this rehabilitation process and are you capable to enhance your input? These and other related topics were the issues in the VrijBaan project.

In the project we developed the 'VrijBaan Empowerment Method'.
This is a new approch on ‘empowering' people with labour disablities. Through measurement of individual empowerment level the need for personality training is assessed. Consequently a special training programme is meant to empower participants to become more active and to improve their self steering capacity in finding sustainable jobs.
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VrijBaan bench mark
This Development Partnership in the Netherlands is adopting a very structured and scientific approach to interpreting one of the main building blocks of the EQUAL Community Initiative. Empowerment is a basic tenet of EQUAL and everyone agrees that it’s a good idea but what does it really offer to people with a disability and their chances of finding a job?
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